High Mark Manufacturing

Drain Trough

Our troughs do more than just drain wastewater. Like all our products, High Mark drain troughs are built from durable materials and are designed with a focus on function. High Mark drain troughs offer superior containment while freeing up valuable space. Our troughs are also approved for lint filtration.

  • Made of rigid, sturdy, anti-corrosive 3/8” ABS plastic.
  • Carry an ICC-ES listing ensuring they are compliant with Section 1703 of the International Building Code, ASME Code112.6.3, and International Plumbing Codes 406.1 and 1003.6.
  • Strong enough to support light foot traffic.
  • Sized to contain a full dump of all equipment draining into them.
  • Hinged lid over lint screen provides easy access for cleaning.
  • Washers can drain into the top or the sides.
  • Lint screens made from 1/4” PVC with 3/8” holes on 3/4” spacing, include overflow cutouts.
  • Drain outlet can be on the end or the bottom.
  • Single lint screen comes standard, additional screens can be installed.
  • Available with sump pump where direct drain is not available.
  • Optional legs can be installed.
  • Polypropylene OPL troughs are also available.