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Polypropylene Troughs

Polypropylene Troughs


Whether you’re building a new facility or needing to make an old OPL function better, High Mark drain troughs are your secret weapon. Our troughs are sized to contain a full dump of all machines draining into them and designed to keep debris out of your sewer line, so they offer solutions to problems before they are problems.

We offer both ABS and Polypropylene troughs to suit any application—ask us about the one that will work best for you.

  •  Resistant to heat, chemicals and corrosion
  •  PVC lint screens are 1/4" thick with 3/8" holes on 3/4" spacing and overflow cutouts included
  •  Clear hinged lid allows for easy view and access to the lint screens for cleaning
  •  Accepted as lint filtration eliminating the need for lint interception elsewhere
  •  Optional sump pump for laundries without a direct drain option
  •  Our troughs can be installed above ground or below and machines can drain into the top or the sides
  •  ABS is sturdy enough to withstand light foot traffic, simplifying maintenance and repairs to your machines
  •  Polypropylene seems are heat welded
  •  Additional lint screens available as an option
  •  Easier and less expensive than PVC systems