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Bulkhead Covers

Bulkhead Covers


High Mark bulkhead covers are an easy way to bring new life to your laundry. With this one simple fix you can change the look of the whole store, extend the life of your facility, and simplify maintenance with our locking access doors—all with little or no down time.



Wilsonart and Formica are long-trusted, time-tested brands known to everyone. Our premium covers are made from the durable high-pressure laminate of these 2 domestic companies and we carry their standard of quality in our manufacturing process to bring you bulkhead covers that will last as long as your laundry. (click the logos above to see your color and pattern options from both lines)



High Mark has partnered with Roucke to offer you an exclusive product - HD Textured panels. These tasteful woodgrain covers are laser fused with matching edges and they are textured to not only look like real wood, but to give you the feel as well. These are a middle-of-the-road upgrade - something you won't see anywhere else but offering a cost savings over the full upgrade to laminate. (click the graphic above to see color options)


Choose our standard white melamine covers for an economical option for renovating your laundry, or choose from beige, grays, woodgrains or a stainless look for just a little more. (click color grid above to see options)