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About Us

PetePete Valconesi didn’t inherit his business or choose to build bulkheads and other commercial laundry equipment on a whim. Rather, he spent his weekends in high school installing bulkheads for a family friend who was a distributor. As a young adult, he built and operated laundromats in Colorado and California. From this experience he determined he could not only manufacture high quality bulkheads but that he could improved upon the units he had been installing. He built his first bulkhead in a Johnstown, Colorado warehouse in 2002 and High Mark Manufacturing was born.

From the beginning, Valconesi knew he wanted his products and his service to exceed that of any offered to professional laundry facilities for generations. That’s why he builds bulkheads wider for easier access, uses materials that last longer, and offers standard features on his bulkheads that are optional upgrades on others. “Every single day we’re looking for new ways to improve what we provide for our customers,” he says. “I never want to make a sale; I want to make a customer. They should come back because they like our products and they like dealing with us.”

In the years that have followed that first order he has expanded his product line to include drain troughs, laminate folding tables, and now the premier seating available to the commercial laundry industry. Where there is a need, Valconesi prides himself on filling it.